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Maiden Voyage Chamber Music
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Three Hungarian Suites
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AAM 140126

NEW MUSIC for bass trombone, featuring woodwind quintet, percussion, piano, brass ensemble, and with members of the St. Louis Symphony. This project involves a new commission for bass trombone and percussion, and features compositions with woodwind quintet, brass ensemble, and an unaccompanied contra bass trombone solo. All of the music is new or previously unreleased, and promises to be different than the typical piano and soloist recording.

Artists on the album: Peter Henderson, piano; Jennifer Nitchman, flute; Philip Ross, oboe; Diana Haskell, clarinet; Andrew Cuneo, bassoon; Tod Bowermaster, Thomas Jostlein, Roger Kazaand Anna Spina, horn; Karen Bliznik, Tom Drake and Michael Walk, trumpet; Paul Jenkins, Timothy Myers, Bradley Palmer and Gerry Pagano, trombone; William James, percussion; Jim Martin, conductor.

Composers include Martin Kennedy, Hidas Frigyes, Jeffrey Miller, Frank Gulino, Douglas Reader, Rob Deemer, Benjamin Torres.

AAM Recordings announces AAM Direct


We have been busy with the launch of our new Digital Download store, AAM Direct.

We are in process of converting all of our productions into High Resolution Downloads.



AAM 040101

Chamber Music for

English horn and Strings


AAM 110119



AAM 110117



AAM 040102

Salut D'Amour


AAM 060108

Song of Shinobue


AAM 070108

Three Hungarian Suites



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You_Tube_logo Watch Gerry Pagano and Peter Henderson as featured on YouTube.

Gerry Pagano, Bass Trombone and Peter Henderson, Piano. Recorded at Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Louis, Missouri on October 18, 2011. Presented by the St. Louis Low Brass Collective.
Audio by Andrew Schiefelbein. Video and post-production by Jeffrey Hoard.

You_Tube_logoGerry Pagano discusses James Stephenson's Sonata Rhapsody "The Arch" for Bass Trombone & Piano. Video by Jeffrey Hoard. November, 2011.

AAM Recordings is proud to present Gerry Pagano

Peter Henderson piano

Members of the Trombone Section, St. Louis Symphony

Timothy Myers, Jonathan Reycraft, Vanessa Fralick, Gerry Pagano

View photos, videos, more information here:

The St. Louis Low Brass Collective


Mission Statement


AAM Recordings is an Independent Label focused on producing superior quality recordings, media and live productions, working with the artist as the primary creative force and beneficiary of the success of their projects.

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St. Louis Symphony Principal Flutist Mark Sparks' newest recording. Read the review here.



"...surprise and delight with beautiful singing tone..." -Sarah Bryan Miller

AAM Recordings is proud to present Gerry Pagano in his premier release:


Peter Henderson piano

Members of the Trombone Section, St. Louis Symphony

Timothy Myers, Stephen Lange, Jonathan Reycraft, Gerry Pagano

View photos, videos, more information here:

The St. Louis Low Brass Collective


Putting the interest of the artist first...

A far cry from your “typical” record label, at AAM Recordings our artists come first. We guide our talent through the production process – helping them bring their vision to life – share that vision with the rest of the world – and ensure the artist is the primary beneficiary of a project’s success.

It is all about the music, YOUR MUSIC!

Leonard Slatkin

and the

Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

15 years in the making...
Released October 2007. Features the collective talents of 4 Grammy winning entities:
Leonard Slatkin and the SLSO, Joanna Nickrenz, William Hoekstra

Duke Ellington said it best…

“There are only two types of music, good music and bad music.” At AAM Recordings, bringing “good music” to as many people as possible is our sole focus – our highly-credited team, which includes award-winning producers and engineers, have the experience and passion to make this happen time and time again.

New AAM Recordings projects are in the works.



AAM Artist Profile

Haruka Watanabe

WatanabeHaruka Watanabe was born in 1942 in Tokyo, Japan.

He studied violin and piano from early age. He enrolled at Tokyo University of Arts in 1960 and studied violin, theory and conducting and graduated with Bachelor of Music in violin.

He came to the United States in 1965 to study violin with Joseph Gingold at Indiana University. He studied conducting and minored in viola also and graduated with Master of Music in violin in 1968 and joined the St. Louis Symphony that year.

While playing with St. Louis Symphony, he helped to found Kammergild Chamber Orchestra in 1977 with Lazar Gosman and played with the group as the principal second violinist for 17 years. After that he also founded Appassionato String Quartet and played many concerts.

He has been also active in playing recitals of violin/harp duo, known as The Watanabe Duo, with his harpist wife, Ayako Watanabe. They toured in Japan in 1995, 1997 and 2005.

Haruka started to compose for violin and harp duos in 1998. The Watanabe Duo has made two CDs, the first one with the St. Louis Cathedral organist, John Romeri, the second one, with their organist son, Hideki, featuring some of Haruka’s arrangements and original compositions. The third CD with almost all his chamber music is now under preparations.

He is a member of ASCAP.

The list of compositions:

  • From Sado for violin and harp, 1998
  • Mélodie Mélancolique for violin and harp, 1999
  • Ballade for violin and harp, 2000
  • Fantasy No.3 for violin and harp, 2000
  • Spring for flute (or violin) and harp, 2001
  • Adagio for violin, harp and organ, (also for strings and harp), 2001
  • Elegy, In Memory of September 11, 2001 for violin, harp and organ (also for strings and harp), 2001
  • Fantasy for flute, oboe, strings and harp (also violin, harp and organ titled as Fantasy Trio), 2003
  • Fantasy Duo for violin and piano, 2003
  • Song of Shinobué for flute and harp or piano (shinobue or violin), 2003
  • Concert Piece for horn and piano, 2004
  • Symphonic Fantasy (Symphony in one movement), 2006
  • Romantic Trio for flute, violin and harp, 2006
  • Lêgende for flute, oboe, harp and strings, 2007

front_songofshinobue473 AAM 060108 

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